About Us

To provide therapeutic and recreational horseback riding activities in a safe, enjoyable and professional environment

To help improve the physical, social and psychological well-being of people with an assortment of disabilities, including cognitive, developmental, physical, and sensory impairment.

To provide opportunities for freedom, learning and growth by connecting participants with horses.

TRA is a member of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA). We offer a safe and professional program to enable children and adults with disabilities to participate in horseback riding activities. With the help of certified instructors and trained volunteers, participants are taught horsemanship skills appropriate for their age, needs, and ability level. The TRA instructor works with caregivers and occupational therapists to develop individualized riding plans with educational, recreational and therapeutic goals, focusing on the abilities of each rider. Riders develop a sense of independence, motivation and self-confidence.

TRA provides a safe and positive environment. Every participant is assisted by up to three volunteers; each horse has a lead person and two side walkers to support the rider. The role of our volunteers is to provide physical, as well as emotional support to the participants.  With safety as our primary concern, helmets are provided and required to be worn by each rider.

Therapeutic Riding provides the physical, social and psychological benefits of horseback riding to people of all ages and disabilities. It is beneficial to riders with many different conditions, including cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, stroke, accidental injury, as well as visual and hearing challenges.

Our program is open to individuals living with a disability within the Algoma region, including children, youth and adults. Individuals must require minimal assistance with mounting, and must be referred by a medical professional or therapist. Weight restrictions may apply for certain types of physical disabilities. If not suited for a mounted program, individuals may be able to participate in other un-mounted horsemanship opportunities where they can learn and interact with the horses.

Horseback riding has long been recognized as a therapeutic treatment with many physical, psychological and social benefits and is widely accepted as a useful method of improving the well-being of people living with a diversity of disabilities including amputation, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and many more.

The three dimensional motion of a walking horse mimics human walking and stimulates the rider, helping to enhance balance, posture, mobility, coordination and strength. By adding other exercises or movement, therapeutic riding can help improve the rehabilitation of specific parts of the rider’s body, improving muscle tone and flexibility.

Persons with disabilities are confronted with many barriers on a daily basis, and are often limited or restricted in recreational programs in which they can actively participate within their community. Therapeutic riding offers them the opportunity of freedom from some of these daily limitations, allowing them to gain a sense of achievement and self-worth, giving them the chance to simply be themselves.

With the addition of games and fun learning activities, riders often develop increased concentration and improved learning skills. Therapeutic riding programs also offer opportunities for positive interactions with community members, giving participants a sense of integration by making personal connections with not only the horses, but also the volunteers.

TRA is financially dependent on the generous support from various local community organizations, without which we would not be able to provide this service to the many individuals in Algoma who find this activity so beneficial. Our program relies on donations from private individuals, service groups and fundraising campaigns to keep our costs as low as possible. Riders are charged a minimal lesson fee to help offset some of the program costs.

Please consider making a donation to help support this specialized program!

Sponsorships: We are continually seeking sponsorships from local corporations or service clubs, and have a variety of sponsorship options available.

Funding provided by sponsors helps pay for program costs such as; horse and arena rental, instructor certification, and riding equipment.

Donate: Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, and we provide charitable donation receipts for any amount over $20. Currently funds are required for: updating and maintaining equipment, facilities, horse and arena rental, instructor certification and volunteer training.

Board of Directors

TRA is run by a volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for general and financial oversight, planning, fundraising, community relationships, training, certification, safety and quality of services and related governance issues.  

  • Kelly McKay, President
  • Nick Baggs, Treasurer
  • Cory Steinberg, Secretary
  • Stephanie McKay, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Megan Oak, Physiotherapist and Rider Coordinator


Registered Charity: # 866749674RR001

Mailing Address: 1014 Fifth Line East, SSM Ontario, P6A 6J8


Therapeutic Ride Algoma

TRA is a local, charitable organization serving the Algoma region in providing the joys and benefits of horseback riding to children, youth and adults in our community who live with a disability.